The Health Benefits of Consuming Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh

Sep 28, 2023

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Welcome to Live Positively, your ultimate resource for all things naturopathic, holistic, health, medical, and nutrition-related. Our goal is to provide valuable information that helps you lead a healthier, more positive life. In this article, we'll be exploring the calories in 8 oz boneless skinless chicken thigh, along with its remarkable health benefits.

The Importance of Understanding Nutritional Information

When it comes to maintaining a balanced diet, it's crucial to be aware of the nutritional content of the foods we consume. Boneless skinless chicken thighs are a popular choice among health-conscious individuals, as they are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients.

Calories in 8 oz Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh

Before we delve into the health benefits, let's take a closer look at the caloric content of an 8 oz boneless skinless chicken thigh. On average, an 8 oz serving provides approximately 330 calories. However, it's important to note that this number can vary depending on factors such as cooking method and any additional ingredients used during preparation.

The Remarkable Health Benefits

1. Excellent Source of Protein

Chicken thighs, specifically boneless and skinless ones, are an excellent source of protein. Protein is vital for building and repairing tissues, making it an essential macronutrient for overall health and wellbeing. Incorporating chicken thighs into your diet can help ensure you're meeting your daily protein requirements.

2. Essential Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to being a great source of protein, boneless skinless chicken thighs are also rich in essential vitamins and minerals like niacin, vitamin B6, selenium, and phosphorus. These nutrients play a crucial role in maintaining optimal health, supporting various bodily functions.


Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is involved in energy metabolism and helps maintain healthy skin. Including chicken thighs in your diet can contribute to fulfilling your daily niacin requirements.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is necessary for brain development and function, as well as for the production of red blood cells. It also supports the immune system and helps regulate hormonal activity.


Selenium, a trace mineral found in boneless skinless chicken thighs, acts as an antioxidant and supports immune function. It also plays a crucial role in thyroid hormone metabolism.


Phosphorus is essential for healthy bones and teeth, proper kidney function, and muscle contractions. Including chicken thighs in your diet can help you meet your daily phosphorus needs.

3. Versatile and Delicious

Aside from the nutritional benefits, boneless skinless chicken thighs are incredibly versatile in cooking. They can be grilled, pan-seared, baked, or added to various recipes, making them a convenient protein option for those seeking a flavorful and healthy meal.


The calories in 8 oz boneless skinless chicken thigh make it an excellent choice for individuals looking for a protein-rich and nutritious food. Additionally, its remarkable health benefits, including being a source of essential vitamins and minerals, contribute to a well-rounded diet. Incorporate boneless skinless chicken thighs into your meals to enjoy its deliciousness while nourishing your body.

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